Faster kickstarted in 2004

The journey to revolutionize personal entertainment began years ago
when a few bright minds realized that people had a yearning for incredible accessories
at affordable prices to fulfill their entertainment needs.

Thus, in 2004, they jumped into the accessories market.

The aim of this launch?

Making entertainment
great again


So, the bright minds assembled a remarkable team:

Who do we care about?

We care about your

entertainment needs!

For those who groove, move, and aim high, we're here to amplify!

Together, we are an expanding clan of people who are:

Your passion for entertainment energizes us!

Our Faster community inspires us to be better! Your trust and
admiration inspire us to constantly improve and exceed expectations.

For years, we’ve been dedicated to bringing joy to your entertainment
through our playful accessories, and we won’t stop anytime soon.